Q: I keep dying! (Or: I died once and never want to try this again!)
A: I'm sorry! Some tactical advice:
  • Make sure you've equipped your weapon. Press space to access your inventory, and W to equip the weapon.
  • Don't get surrounded. Try to lure monsters into corridors or doorways and pick them off one by one.
  • If you find you can outrun a monster, try running away and shooting at it with a bow or sling.
  • Wands of lightning are great backup weapons -- you can even zap them with no hands. (Using your teeth, of course)

Q: How do Scrolls of Town Portal work?
A: If read below ground, they open a portal to town. If read in town, they open a portal to the deepest level you have visited. If all goes well (meaning: no bats or goats blunder into them) you will be able to use each twice: back, and forth. I guess it is forth and back, really.

Q: What are the current limitations and long-term plans?
A: Wayfarer is currently just a graphical interface for a rather simple combat and exploration mechanism, with limited fauna. In the long term, there will be a large and varied world to explore, quests, more monsters, spells, enchanted items, people to interact with, different means of survival including non-lethal combat and diplomacy, and more flavor overall. And for you old-schoolers: yes, items will require identification, and there will be bizarre interactions between items via the "combine" command.

Q: Why can't the dungeon persist between sessions?
A: You can expect this feature once the game-world is a bit more developed.

Q: How does time work?
A: It is a combination of real- and turn-based time. If you hold down a movement key, you will be able to outrun a monster that isn't quite as fast. But if you stand still, everything will complete its move. If your legs are disabled, you'll be very slow.

Q: "Legs?" What's this limb system?
A: Attacks target specific limbs. Boots protect legs, gloves protect hands, helms protect your head, and armor protects your chest. Shields have a chance to block any melee attack. Cloaks protect your back from backstabbers.

A: Any melee attack by an attacker standing behind an attackee is a backstab. This averages your cloak armor and the armor of the limb targeted. So with no cloak, you're twice as vulnerable, but with a really good cloak, your back-defense is probably better than your front.

Q: How can I see my stats and skills?
A: Stats and Skills screen coming soon! For now, press 'S' for a quick printout.

Q: Why can't I see all of the dungeon at once?
A: It's a convention used in many games to represent darkness and exploration. You can equip a torch or lamp to see further, and a Scroll of Magic Mapping will speed things along considerably.

Q: I'm tired of hauling gear back to town to sell!
A: I hope you are using Town Portal scrolls, at least! Take heart, there will be many ways to make money later: hunting, fishing, trapping, skinning, farming, alchemy, blacksmithing, and quests (for example).

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