Why donate to a free game? Because it's a labor of love from one person. And because there's no set asking price -- offer what you think it's worth. If you've enjoyed playing it and look forward to its development into a full-featured game, this is a great way to show support.

  Why will that rock? Because it will have a huge randomly generated world with people and cities and swamps and oceans and giant paperwasp nests, npc interaction with a speech AI, quests, an online trading post, swords that are always on fire and enormous beasts that lay waste to the countryside (enormous, like, bigger than one 8x8 square). Thwart conniving enemies, become embroiled in guild intrigues, fend off hordes of sneaky, filching Grablins! Die horribly!

  Note -- if you donate $5 or more and include a the name of an online character in the "comments" box, I will mark them as "Registered." (Even if they die and are reborn, they will remain Registered, as long as their name doesn't change.) The character must have been created through the online applet version of the game, or it will be on your hard drive. Perks for online registration may include, in the future:
  • Persistent dungeons / world (your travels will be saved, not just your character)
  • The ability to send messages and trade items with other characters via the Trading Post or Tavern
  • Special quests.
These features don't exist yet, but I'm working on it daily. Thank you!

You don't need a PayPal account to donate. It is secure and safe.

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